Whisper   I reminisce, I was screaming I was nine and on the front yard of my very first school I was running everywhere, exploding with excitement; happy child, had just won a spellathon I could feel myself on cloud nine I was screaming I wanted to climb up the fourth floor and tell … More Whisper

There Is No Clock

I am somewhere. There is no clock. So many moments. Unsaved. Just like. Unsaved.  Right now I feel as if I’m seeping into a century old yet modern room breaking the rules of time and space and standing in a room of reds and yellows everything flashing by incessantly, without stopping for a single nanosecond; … More There Is No Clock


Bliss.Agony. Perfection. Sadness. Confusion. Harmony. Ecstasy. Perplexity. Frustration. Hopelessness. Surrealism. Exhilaration. The soul experiences every one of the above feelings. And sometimes so many feelings muddle up together, that the incapability to fathom out what we actually are experiencing stings us in the gut, vexes us. You know those “sometimes”,when you find yourself crying, and … More Alexithymia

La Douleur Exquise

I remember that night. Hundred pictures flash across my eyes, all evocative of you. Flashback. We had the city to our left, us on the other side of it, you in the mainframe, everyone else in the background. Glasses clunking, people chatter, EDM in some nearby pub; and oh, followed by deafening silence. Oh wait,or … More La Douleur Exquise